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Our Whitefish Chiropractors

Dr. Chris Wambeke

Dr. Chris Wambeke and his wifeI couldn’t escape the dreams. Night after night in my final year of high school I woke up frustrated after having another dream of myself as a chiropractor. I didn’t want to be a chiropractor. Growing up with scoliosis I stopped by my chiropractor’s office weekly on my way home from school. I knew what chiropractors were; cardigan wearing guys with loud ties that told bad jokes and explained medical conspiracies.

There was never any question as to the power of chiropractic. Before becoming a patient I suffered from knee pain, extreme low back pain, irritable bowel, lactose intolerance, chronic colds and flues, migraines, and acne. I knew the power of chiropractic. I just thought chiropractors had to dress like Mr. Rogers. Read more…

Dr. Jordan Peel

Dr. Jordan PeelDr. Jordan Peel hails from Hillsdale, Michigan, a smaller farmtown community on a lake where she spent much of her time. Incredibly, after sustaining a traumatic whiplash injury in high school, Dr. Peel found her chiropractic calling! Being whole-heartedly optimistic, Jordan has always been driven to help others. While immersing herself in the philosophy of chiropractic at Palmer, it didn’t take long to uncover the majesty of NUCCA.

Compared to traditional, the immediate impacts, the long-lasting solutions, and the tangible results of NUCCA-style chiropractic reignited Dr. Peel’s passion for her field and helped her discover her true calling. After finishing her doctorate at Palmer, Dr. Peel travelled across the country gaining experience and learning from the most prominent NUCCA practitioners before landing in the beautiful Greater Flathead Valley community! Read more…

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