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Our Whitefish Chiropractors

Dr. Chris Wambeke

Dr. Chris Wambeke and his wifeI couldn’t escape the dreams. Night after night in my final year of high school I woke up frustrated after having another dream of myself as a chiropractor. I didn’t want to be a chiropractor. Growing up with scoliosis I stopped by my chiropractor’s office weekly on my way home from school. I knew what chiropractors were; cardigan wearing guys with loud ties that told bad jokes and explained medical conspiracies.

There was never any question as to the power of chiropractic. Before becoming a patient I suffered from knee pain, extreme low back pain, irritable bowel, lactose intolerance, chronic colds and flues, migraines, and acne. I knew the power of chiropractic. I just thought chiropractors had to dress like Mr. Rogers. Read more…